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The Republic of

San Salvacion

San Salvacion is a small independent nation located in northwest-central Usea, encompassing territory both north and south of the Lambert Mountains. It has been labeled the "Symbol of Peace"[1] by the other Usean nations and, in modern times, has maintained friendly relations with its neighbors. However, due to its strategic location, San Salvacion has been the site of several major battles throughout its history, most recently in the Second Usean Continental War.

President: vashinator124
last online 194 hours ago

Approval: Loved
Political System: Liberal Democracy
Stability: Seemingly Calm
Territory: 20000 km2
Rebel Threat: None
Population: 225,000 people
Quality of Life: Average
Healthcare: Adequate
Literacy: 51%
Universities: None
Economic System: Free Market
Industry: None
Gross Domestic Product: $255 million
Growth: $-7 million per month
Foreign Investment: $4k
Manufactured Goods: CLASSIFIED
Discovered Oil Reserves: None
Oil Production: 1 Mbbl per month
Raw Material Production: 3 Hundred Tons per month
Raw Material: CLASSIFIED
Uranium Mines: CLASSIFIED
Official Alignment: United States
Region: Pacific Rim
Alliance: None
Alliance Votes Recieved:
Reputation: Nice
Intelligence Agency: CLASSIFIED
Army Size: 26k active personnel
Manpower: Untapped (population allows maximum of 100k)
Equipment: Finest of the 19th century
Progress to next equipment level: CLASSIFIED
Training: Undisciplined Rabble
Chemical Weapons: CLASSIFIED
Nuclear Weapons: CLASSIFIED
Wars: San Salvacion has declared war on this nation!

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