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The Democratic People's Republic of

busy crusading

Like the may flower the ac130 gunship is this nations ark it saved this clad of nuns from the screaming liberals that now own the west and so the nuns hijacked the king of the sky and began the biggest most well known crusades getting rid of the passive and aggressive Muslims as they worship their new savior oh holly ac130 gunship

Premier: AC130 Gunship
last online 1551 hours ago

Approval: Enemy of the People
Political System: One Party Rule
Stability: Brink of Collapse
Territory: 31155 km2
Rebel Threat: Guerrillas
Population: 455,300 people
Quality of Life: Humanitarian Crisis
Healthcare: Extinction Event
Literacy: 7%
Universities: 2 universities
Economic System: Mixed Economy
Industry: None
Gross Domestic Product: $1479 million
Growth: $69 million per month
Foreign Investment: $1,184k
Manufactured Goods: CLASSIFIED
Discovered Oil Reserves: 3156 Mbbl
Oil Production: 21 Mbbl per month
Raw Material Production: 2 Hundred Tons per month
Raw Material: CLASSIFIED
Uranium Mines: CLASSIFIED
Official Alignment: Neutral
Region: Egypt
Alliance: None
Alliance Votes Recieved:
Reputation: Normal
Intelligence Agency: CLASSIFIED
Army Size: 0k active personnel
Manpower: Untapped (population allows maximum of 100k)
Equipment: First World War surplus
Progress to next equipment level: CLASSIFIED
Training: Standard
Chemical Weapons: CLASSIFIED
Nuclear Weapons: CLASSIFIED
Wars: At peace.

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