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Active Nations (last 7 days):791
Active Last Hour:69
Active Last 24 Hours:353
Active Last 48 Hours:461
Active Last Week:791
Active Last 30 days:1,371
Active Last Year:1,371
Total Created Nations:26,237
Nations Created Last Hour:3
Nations Created Last 24 Hours:59
Nations Created Last Week:357
Gross Global Product: $589,125,000,000
Average GDP: $744,000,000
Global Growth: $11,239,000,000/month
Average Growth: $14,000,000/month
Global Industrialization: 287 Factories
Average Industrialization: 0 Factories per nation
Total Universities: 136 Universities
Average Universities: 0 Universities per nation
Discovered Global Oil Reserves: 636,295 Mbbl
Average Oil Reserves: 804 Mbbl per nation
Global Oil Production: 1,451 Mbbl/month
Average Oil Production: 2 Mbbl/month per nation
Global Oil Supply: 23,945 Mbbl
Average Oil Supply: 30 Mbbl per nation
Global Raw Material Production: 4,513 Hundred Tons/month
Average Raw Material Production: 6 Hundred Tons/month per nation
Global Raw Material Stockpiles: 69,993 Hundred Tons
Average Raw Material Stockpiles: 88 Hundred Tons per nation
Global Food Stockpiles: 599,776 Million Tons
Average Food Stockpiles: 758 Million Tons per nation
Global Uranium Supply: 118 Tons
Nuclear Reactors: 0
Nuclear Weapons: 0 bomb(s)
Total Weapons: 21,144 weapons
Total Military Aircraft: 1,153 planes
Total Naval Ships: 7 ships
Total Men At Arms: 30,924,000
Eastern Aligned Nations: 179
Western Aligned Nations: 403
Unaligned Nations: 758
Free Market Economies: 495
Mixed Economies: 516
Centrally Planned Economies: 330
Dictatorships: 318
Military Juntas: 324
One Party States: 201
Authoritarian Democracies: 153
Liberal Democracies: 341
Active Wars: 75
Communiques Sent last 24 Hours:178

People have got to know whether or not their President is a crook. Well, I'm not a crook. I've earned everything I've got. - Richard Nixon

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