BLOC - a multiplayer political simulation game

World News

Aggressor Aggressor's Alliance Aggressor's Military Defender Defender's Alliance Defender's Military
RogueStud 32k active personnel South BaweanAnimal Planet 32k active personnel
Poder Blanco 6k active personnel USA Domination 29k active personnel
deda 29k active personnel Trashmemistan 14k active personnel
ZeppelinWorld States 45k active personnel Ero-Elysium 39k active personnel
Phonecia 16k active personnel Cartago 22k active personnel
KutoLumina Conquisitor 52k active personnel Window_KCPROMISED PLAYER 50k active personnel
SociteSocite International 50k active personnel Tucutiago 49k active personnel
asdfgh 4k active personnel oguzhan66 25k active personnel
mutiny 3k active personnel Zaqeq 25k active personnel
basliova 23k active personnel Tits or GTFOHispanic Good People 25k active personnel
Jay Land 35k active personnel Hungary Empire 13k active personnel
Naritia 25k active personnel ART 4k active personnel
NoviomagusHookers and Blow 40k active personnel Soviet KorowaiDai Nippon Teikoku 6k active personnel
SicipoliPrussia 63k active personnel baathistanThe UCPW 5k active personnel
InquisitionisLumina Conquisitor 42k active personnel Freedom Inc.Red Star 3k active personnel


Active Nations (last 7 days):791
Active Last Hour:68
Active Last 24 Hours:353
Active Last 48 Hours:461
Active Last Week:791
Active Last 30 days:1,371
Active Last Year:1,371
Total Created Nations:26,237
Nations Created Last Hour:3
Nations Created Last 24 Hours:59
Nations Created Last Week:357
Gross Global Product: $589,125,000,000
Average GDP: $744,000,000
Global Growth: $11,239,000,000/month
Average Growth: $14,000,000/month
Global Industrialization: 287 Factories
Average Industrialization: 0 Factories per nation
Total Universities: 136 Universities
Average Universities: 0 Universities per nation
Discovered Global Oil Reserves: 636,295 Mbbl
Average Oil Reserves: 804 Mbbl per nation
Global Oil Production: 1,451 Mbbl/month
Average Oil Production: 2 Mbbl/month per nation
Global Oil Supply: 23,944 Mbbl
Average Oil Supply: 30 Mbbl per nation
Global Raw Material Production: 4,513 Hundred Tons/month
Average Raw Material Production: 6 Hundred Tons/month per nation
Global Raw Material Stockpiles: 70,000 Hundred Tons
Average Raw Material Stockpiles: 88 Hundred Tons per nation
Global Food Stockpiles: 599,796 Million Tons
Average Food Stockpiles: 758 Million Tons per nation
Global Uranium Supply: 118 Tons
Nuclear Reactors: 0
Nuclear Weapons: 0 bomb(s)
Total Weapons: 21,146 weapons
Total Military Aircraft: 1,153 planes
Total Naval Ships: 7 ships
Total Men At Arms: 30,960,000
Eastern Aligned Nations: 179
Western Aligned Nations: 403
Unaligned Nations: 758
Free Market Economies: 495
Mixed Economies: 516
Centrally Planned Economies: 330
Dictatorships: 318
Military Juntas: 324
One Party States: 201
Authoritarian Democracies: 153
Liberal Democracies: 341
Active Wars: 75
Communiques Sent last 24 Hours:178

Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas? - Josef Stalin

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