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Direct descendants of the former United States Government. [MDP: Hispanic Federation] [MDMAP: PruBen, Socialist Arab Union] [Discord channel =]

Alliance Statistics

Average GDP $658 million
Average Growth $24.6 million
Average Industry 0.9 factories
Average Oil Production 3.1 mbbls
Average Raw Material Production 5.9 htons
Average Military Size 45.5k troops
Average Weapon Count 34.3
Average Airforce Size 3.1/20
Average Manpower 96.2k/100k

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Nue Ecosse $507 East Indies Non-aligned
Germania $631 Arabia Non-aligned
Savannah $585 Pacific Rim The West
KL LaNaS $872 East Indies The West
Chickenbake $523 Indochina Eastern Bloc
Frigon $662 Mesopotamia The West
New Scotland $655 Atlas The West
soul society $868 Egypt The West
Ero-Elysium $374 Arabia The West
Jok Lathan $472 The Subcontinent The West
Yakaslovakia $455 Arabia The West
Palemoor $995 Gran Colombia The West
Dragon Slayers $803 Pacific Rim Non-aligned
Khalifa Bay $346 Arabia The West
Elefantes $870 Pacific Rim The West
The Nazi Regime $427 Pacific Rim Non-aligned
The Angels $706 Caribbean The West
Rumunian Chile $526 Southern Cone The West
Laser Nation $797 Caribbean The West
Saluti $854 Arabia The West
Aegean Sea $267 Mesopotamia The West
lodo $838 Congo Eastern Bloc
Infowars $680 Atlas The West
Begonia $576 Arabia Non-aligned
Kush smoke $595 Southern Africa Non-aligned
Nadif Land $611 China The West
Amakawa $594 Arabia The West
Jock Cranley $337 Atlas Non-aligned
Runescape $659 Caribbean The West
SunLands $449 Amazonia Non-aligned
Kubise $372 China The West
Khoth $434 Mesopotamia The West
Great Success $581 Amazonia The West
Jasoka $419 Congo The West
/Stupid/ $359 Congo The West
Rose $313 Arabia Non-aligned
Australianaa $1,038 Caribbean The West
Antellio $851 Mesopotamia The West
Great Fitcross $314 Arabia Eastern Bloc
FIREBOOBER $616 Pacific Rim The West
AZLATUL $424 China The West
EL GRAN EGO $359 Mesoamerica The West
Neo-Ottoman $1,055 Mesopotamia Non-aligned
Ɓguilas Negras $418 Gran Colombia The West
Thrawngolia $24 Indochina The West
Sea Empire 3 $921 Caribbean Non-aligned
Austrianar $1,129 Pacific Rim The West
Arstoskia $733 Pacific Rim Non-aligned
Korean Union $871 Pacific Rim Non-aligned
Guave $524 Pacific Rim The West
Byzanchan $825 Pacific Rim The West
Tunnel Snakes $841 Arabia The West
Tabula Rasa $870 Pacific Rim Non-aligned
RevGov $589 Persia The West
Kalandia $450 Amazonia The West
Turkmenistan N $772 Caribbean The West
East Kommunizta $369 Amazonia The West
Warcraft $632 East Indies The West
Andezoria $813 Gran Colombia The West
Sinavila $686 Southern Africa The West
Honktopia $712 Mesopotamia The West
Dravkna $422 Indochina Non-aligned
Kubestan $302 Southern Africa Non-aligned
Austrian Malaya $515 East Indies The West
Rogeria $515 Caribbean The West
Lore $373 Pacific Rim Eastern Bloc
Unionist States $659 China The West
tranks $500 Arabia The West
Ebecetra $462 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
UWANNASUCCA $505 Pacific Rim The West
Krabistan $625 East Africa The West
Federal Canada $720 Gran Colombia The West
Shogunate $466 China Eastern Bloc
Simcoe $346 Egypt The West
aloo $326 Atlas Non-aligned
INDIA.. $349 The Subcontinent The West
Novidence $394 Egypt The West
Prince Novice $447 Atlas Non-aligned
Vasian $380 The Subcontinent The West
Nexian Empire $404 Caribbean Non-aligned
Shungri-La $390 China The West
Garvey Land $307 Arabia The West
Mindgamer $311 The Subcontinent Non-aligned

You just can't make this stuff up! - Alex Jones

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