BLOC - a multiplayer political simulation game

Hispanic Federation

Alliance of Hispanic nations united for the general progress of all. NAP: Arcadia|U.W.C.S|Che Guevara League|Red Star|AOG| Anyone wishing to join contact the leader.

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
North Morocco $8,593 Atlas The West
La Vecindad $5,239 Mesoamerica Non-aligned
polenta $7,186 Arabia The West
Hispanav $5,949 Gran Colombia Eastern Bloc
hellhome $3,673 Pacific Rim Non-aligned
Troya $2,056 Mesoamerica Non-aligned
Bhaalgorn $3,968 Mesopotamia Eastern Bloc
negrulos $5,975 Southern Cone Non-aligned
linea $2,299 Egypt Eastern Bloc
Chispita-juan $2,595 Gran Colombia The West
Castermer $2,515 Southern Cone The West

Not only does God play dice, the dice are loaded. ~ Chairman Shen-Ji Yang

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