BLOC - a multiplayer political simulation game

Arabian Confederacy

Salaam. AC is an alliance accepting all nations. We will grow together and become strong as a singular, united force under one banner. To join, simply message Syrie Uni or Zapata-Ocalan (Discord account mandatory). Small but we grow strong. Pacts- |NAP: WSF;| |MDOAP: tME;| |Protectorate of The Bloc Death;| Discord:

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
UNOF $5,849 Arabia The West
Sekandi $537 Persia Eastern Bloc
Greater Serbia $4,821 Persia The West
East Suna $5,127 Arabia The West
The Pride Lands $6,755 Caribbean The West
Nativia $5,813 Mesoamerica The West
Syrie Uni $2,331 Mesopotamia The West
lodo $7,411 Congo Eastern Bloc
Zapata-Ocalan $5,385 Mesoamerica The West
Derptarctika $5,343 Mesoamerica The West
helike $4,038 Mesoamerica The West
Greater Siriuh $2,204 Mesopotamia Eastern Bloc
Bolivaria $2,643 Gran Colombia Non-aligned
Libyav $2,078 Egypt Eastern Bloc
Qing Dinasty $1,989 China The West

Sometimes democracy must be bathed in blood. - Augusto Pinochet

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