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Non-Aligned Movement

We are the Non-Aligned Movement, an alliance with roots in bloc. We stand for one thing, the ability to exist in peace...Ignoring the large wars and petty squabbles alike. Tough rules, but a place of safety and growth. Message an officer for an invite. Join our discord today!, Protectorate of LC.

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Uekaha $3,135 Atlas The West
Queen Annes Revenge $9,040 Caribbean The West
KL LaNaS $1,773 East Indies Non-aligned
Nova Ikaki $1,384 The Subcontinent The West
Zeppelin $3,455 Egypt The West
Modern Africa $1,323 Southern Africa The West
Ardrieireann $4,465 West Africa Eastern Bloc
Asamalik $3,699 Arabia The West
United Holds $9,103 Caribbean The West
Londonistan $4,960 Arabia The West
EC Federation $5,156 China The West
Agimon $1,244 Pacific Rim The West
binkyani $5,833 Arabia The West
New Aztlan $3,636 Atlas The West
Galia $5,241 Egypt The West
Palemoor $3,079 Gran Colombia The West
Amnesia $3,265 Guinea Non-aligned
Splotigistan $738 Amazonia The West
Hexis $6,670 Southern Africa The West
Kelate.Net $1,270 Arabia The West
Eastern side $7,138 Persia The West
Hojo $6,322 Pacific Rim The West
Zillerton $2,622 Amazonia The West
Xingjian $4,417 China Non-aligned
Etruria $7,647 Caribbean The West
Kalayaan $5,397 China The West
Swarelia $622 Indochina The West
Tamil Kingdom $6,224 The Subcontinent The West
Yekateria $2,889 Pacific Rim Non-aligned
Dukeland $6,224 West Africa The West
Noviomagus $8,397 Gran Colombia The West
Commorragh $6,499 Persia The West
Suidewoestyn $8,368 Southern Africa Eastern Bloc
Kerndekistan $8,057 Arabia The West
NoWrongLand $6,794 Persia The West
_Junoma_ $5,121 Southern Cone The West
Tree $2,230 Pacific Rim The West
BUTTOPIA $4,143 Indochina The West
CN $3,537 China Non-aligned
Israell $5,197 China The West
Syri $5,240 Mesopotamia Eastern Bloc
United Nigeria $3,989 Egypt The West
East Suna $4,014 Arabia The West
Ioras $3,253 Mesopotamia Non-aligned
Brandeswerg $4,264 Southern Cone Non-aligned
Exiled Germany $3,879 Mesopotamia Non-aligned
KIM $1,604 Pacific Rim The West
Neu Germania $1,924 Caribbean The West
Barigou $1,743 Arabia Non-aligned
GNR $3,604 Arabia The West
Americonz $2,115 Arabia Non-aligned
Lagusnilad $2,425 East Indies Non-aligned
busy crusading $616 Egypt The West
Vanafaland $1,122 East Africa The West
Count Dankula $826 Arabia Non-aligned
Patlabor $995 Pacific Rim The West
Mproper $1,120 Egypt The West
Great Azania $2,160 Southern Africa The West
Vietnam Soviet $1,114 Indochina The West
Maratha2 $1,775 The Subcontinent The West
Mallorina $557 Amazonia The West
N.P.A $1,170 East Indies Eastern Bloc
Tiber $823 Indochina The West
Relicorinthany $1,016 Persia The West
Dark Cave $378 Egypt The West
Peyer $398 West Africa Non-aligned
United Prussia $353 Indochina The West
Squior $375 Caribbean Eastern Bloc

Presidents are selected, not elected. ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

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