BLOC - a multiplayer political simulation game


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Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Portland $7,843 Pacific Rim The West
nuln $3,099 Pacific Rim The West
Gl├╝ck $6,309 China The West
Caercaled $8,605 East Indies The West
Stepa $4,350 Caribbean The West
Hellghast $3,368 Persia The West
Verwoerdburg $406 Southern Africa Non-aligned
EYT $1,893 Mesoamerica Non-aligned
Shitstania $5,274 Persia The West
Gustavia $3,839 Persia The West
Snake Mountain $3,483 The Subcontinent The West
Commistia $4,852 The Subcontinent The West
Norvekia $635 Arabia Non-aligned
Malay Ancap Cartel $3,791 East Indies Non-aligned
2weq2we $9,959 Egypt The West
Man $5,610 Pacific Rim The West
Muspelheim $3,537 Southern Cone The West
Fromkinia $3,172 West Africa The West
Kenwood $3,002 Caribbean The West
Neuguinea Reich $3,195 East Indies Non-aligned
New Eagleland $4,054 Egypt Non-aligned
Vidsia $1,642 Indochina Non-aligned
BitCoinCountry $4,700 Pacific Rim The West
Wolfe Life $1,803 China Non-aligned
Midasin $4,738 Caribbean The West
Kinchinlao $1,263 China Non-aligned
Cubata $2,534 Mesoamerica Non-aligned
Mirallians $4,628 Egypt The West
H2o $2,409 Arabia The West
Canada C-137 $1,713 China Eastern Bloc
Infowars $1,220 Atlas The West
Akcakocaistan $1,093 Mesopotamia The West
Videoland $485 Southern Cone The West

Revolutions are frightening, but election campaigns are disgusting. - Nicolas Gomez Davila

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