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WesternSky Financial

Western Sky Financial is a 100% Native American-owned business operating on a Native American Reservation. Discord: || PACTS: MDOAP(Lumina Conquisitor, P.A.L.S.) ODOAP(Emu Alliance) NAP(N.A.M.) ||

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Bethesda ruins $3,090 Mesopotamia Non-aligned
Parsistan $5,465 Persia The West
Rodina $3,925 Amazonia Non-aligned
Mikawa $4,140 Pacific Rim The West
Mercshog $2,212 Gran Colombia The West
People of India $2,810 The Subcontinent The West
Beetnam $6,303 Indochina The West
Huynhgaria $5,487 Indochina The West
Spaghetti $4,531 Arabia The West
deppFriedButter $7,365 Atlas The West
Sace $2,514 East Indies The West
Kabulpol $2,474 Persia Non-aligned
Little Venice $644 Gran Colombia Non-aligned
New Russell $635 Persia Non-aligned
Königs Reich $2,904 Mesopotamia Non-aligned
Bogdanistan $6,349 Egypt The West
Lockeroomia $2,490 Guinea Non-aligned
Babbydabbydu $2,137 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
Ferrero $3,304 Caribbean The West
Vau $2,366 Amazonia Non-aligned
Gran Peru $4,318 Amazonia The West
Liverpool $3,355 China Non-aligned
Populus $4,251 Persia Non-aligned
Memphisia $958 Egypt Non-aligned

An ideal form of government is Democracy tempered with assassination. - Voltaire

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