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WesternSky Financial

Western Sky Financial is a 100% Native American-owned business operating on a Native American Reservation. Discord: || PACTS: MDOAP(Lumina Conquisitor, Bloc Death), NAP (Arabian Confederacy) || Other alliances we own: WSC, BRICS

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
binkyani $8,196 Arabia The West
Parsistan $9,735 Persia The West
Mercshog $9,521 Gran Colombia The West
Dragon Slayers $6,553 Pacific Rim Non-aligned
Zillerton $7,611 Amazonia The West
People of India $6,011 The Subcontinent The West
The Angels $7,702 Caribbean The West
Spaghetti $8,502 Arabia The West
Poder Blanco $8,929 Mesoamerica The West
Kabulpol $5,852 Persia The West
Noviomagus $19,679 Gran Colombia The West
Bom Sucesso $4,730 Amazonia Non-aligned
Bogdanistan $12,736 Egypt The West
Zacnov $2,919 Congo Eastern Bloc
Junter $5,033 Pacific Rim Non-aligned
Greekistan $7,989 The Subcontinent The West
Videoland $6,951 Southern Cone The West
SheepLand $4,831 Mesoamerica The West
Astasia $3,017 Arabia The West

We may be likened to two scorpions in a bottle, each capable of killing the other, but only at the risk of his own life. - Atomic Weapons and American Policy

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