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Red Star

Welcome to Red Star Alliance! This alliance is made for those who needs help and support, made for those that are looking help to grow. Here, when you need help, you just have to ask us, and we will try to give you. To join, message Osean or Humana.

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Nue Ecosse $4,608 East Indies Non-aligned
Freedom Inc. $2,917 Persia Non-aligned
Humana $5,473 Mesoamerica Non-aligned
Sky Order $4,015 East Indies Non-aligned
Ayyyelmio $7,527 East Africa Eastern Bloc
Asian Union $4,558 The Subcontinent Eastern Bloc
Great Argentina $6,514 Southern Cone The West
Bom Sucesso $5,202 Amazonia The West
Ethea $1,614 Mesopotamia The West
Pellema $4,073 Caribbean Non-aligned
Ecua-dor $5,800 Gran Colombia Non-aligned
Osean $6,078 Indochina The West
Carton $3,396 Guinea Non-aligned
Powerlife $1,948 Mesopotamia Non-aligned
Aluwalia $1,828 Caribbean Non-aligned
KerapuSiakap $953 East Indies Non-aligned
NARTH $4,685 Southern Cone Non-aligned

It is the destiny of the people of Haiti to suffer. - Jean Claude Duvalier

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